Gripfill Gripfill - GREEN is a solvent-borne, specially formulated to bond a large variety of materials such as: plywood, blockboard, chipboard, hardboard, laminated plastics, rigid uPVC, rigid PU insulation materials, metal sheeting (including aluminum, steel, galvanized iron, tin plate and nonferrous metals) to each other (as long as one surface is porous) or to brick, stone, breeze block, sand/cement screeds, concrete, plaster, plasterboard and insulation boards.

Gripfill Solvent Free - YELLOW has been developed specifically for interior use and is ideal for decorating, refurbishment, building and DIY applications.

Code Name Size Box Qty Packaging
ZGRIP Green Gripfill 350ml 12 Per Box
ZSOLGRIP Solvent Free Gripfill 350ml (Yellow) 350ml 12 Per Box