Nail Plates

A cost effective method of jointing structural timbers (such as site built trusses) simply by nailing through the pre -punched holes (using galvanised or sherardized square twisted nails). Plates must be fixed on both sides of the timber. Manufactured from galvanised steel to BS EN 10346:2009 + G275. The pressed dimple design adds strength and rigidity to the component whilst also assisting in the location of nails.

Code Name Size Packaging
K5080NP 50mm x 80mm Nail Plate 50mm x 80mm Each
K50105NP 50mmx105mm Nail Plates 50mm x 105mm Each
K50150NP 50mmx150mm Nail Plates 50mm x 150mm Each
K50175NP 50mmx175mm Nail Plates 50mm x 175mm Each
K80150NP 80mm x 150mm Nail Plates 80mm x 150mm Each
K80200NP 80mmx200mm Nail Plates 80mm x 200mm Each
K8080NP 80mm x 80mm Nail Plate 80mm x 80mm Each
K100150NP 100mm x 150mm Nail Plates 100mm x 150mm Each
K150150NP 150mm x 150mm Nail Plates 150mm x 150mm Each
K150200NP 150mm x 200mm Nail Plate 150mm x 200mm Each
K20090NP 200mm x 90mm Nail Plates 200mm x 90mm Each
K200100NP 200mm x 100mm Nail Plates 200mm x 100mm Each