LIGHT (2.5mm) Duty Restraint Straps

2.5mm (Light) Restraint Straps are available either straight, bent or twisted for a variety of fixing options. CE Marked and tested to BS EN 845-1:2008 Designed in accordance with The Building Regulations, BS5268 Part 3 and other building standards for vertical and horizontal restraint. Multi holed at 25mm offset centres, restraint straps should be fixed using either 50mm long no. 12 woodscrews (using wall plugs in masonry for vertical restraint) or 75mm x 4.0mm diameter galvanised nails into timber. Stainless steel screws or nails must be used when fixing stainless steel straps.

Code Name Size Bundle Qty
LLS400S 400mm Light Straps Straight 400mm 25
LLS600S 600mm Light Straps Straight 600mm 25
LLS800S 800mm Light Straps Straight 800mm 25
LLS900S 900mm Light Straps Straight 900mm 25
LLS1000S 1000mm Light Straps Straight 1000mm 25
LLS1200S 1200mm Light Straps Straight 1200mm 25
LLS1500S 1500mm Light Strap Straight 1500mm 25
LLS400B 400mm Light Straps Bent @ 100mm 400mm Bent @ 100mm 25
LLS600B 600mm Light Straps Bent @ 100mm 600mm Bent @ 100mm 25
LLS800B100 800mm Light Straps Bent @ 100mm 800mm Bent @ 100mm 25
LLS900B 900mm Light Straps Bent @ 100mm 900mm Bent @ 100mm 25
LLS1000B 1000mm Light Straps Bent @ 100mm 1000mm Bent @ 100mm 25
LLS1200B 1200mm Light Straps Bent @ 100mm 1200mm Bent @ 100mm 25
LLS1500B100 1500mm Light Straps Bent @ 100mm 1500mm Bent @ 100mm 25
LLS600T 600mm Light Straps Twisted @ 100mm 600mm Twisted @ 100mm 25
LLS900T 900mm Light Straps Twisted @ 100mm 900mm Twisted @ 100mm 25
LLS1000T 1000mm Light Straps Twisted @ 100mm 1000mm Twisted @ 100mm 25
LLS1200T 1200mm Light Straps Twisted @ 100mm 1200mm Twisted @ 100mm 25