Plasterboard Fixings, Spring Toggles + Cavity Wall Fixings

Plasterboard Fixings Metal / Nylon One piece self-drilling anchor designed for fastening light / medium loads to plasterboard. For use in plasterboard, simply screw using a normal or power screwdriver. The point drills a pilot hole followed by a coarse, specifically designed helical thread biting into the plasterboard substrate making the fix. The separate screw is then used to mount the fixture.

Spring Toggles Used in cavity situations where a load spread over a large area is required. Manufactured from bright zinc plated steel with a spring activated toggle bar.

Cavity Wall Fixings - A BZP metal anchor which expands as the screw is tightened. Generally used in plasterboard walls.

Supplied boxed or in plastic bags where applicable with euroslots for hanging and labels with your own name.  

Code Name Size Packaging
QRDBASET Mixed Brolly Anchor Tool Set
QRDBAT Brolly Cavity Anchor Fixing Tool
QRD422CAV100 M4x22mm Cavity Fixing (100) M4 x 22mm Box of 100
QRD438CAV100 M4x38mm Cavity Fixing (100) M4 x 38mm Box of 100
QRD446CAV100 M4x46mm Cavity Fixing (100) M4 x 46mm Box of 100
QRD537CAV100 M5x37mm Cavity Fixing (100) M5 x 37mm Box of 100
QRD553CAV100 M5x53mm Cavity Fixing (100) M5 x 53mm Box of 100
QRD559CAV100 M5x59mm Cavity Fixing (100) M5 x 59mm Box of 100
QRD100 Metal Plasterboard Fixings (100) 35mm Box of 100
PPRD10 35mm Metal Plasterboard Fixings (10) 35mm Pack of 10
PPRD25 35mm Metal Plasterboard Fixings (25) 35mm Pack of 25
QRD50TOG100 M5x50mm Spring Toggle (100) M5 x 50mm Box of 100
QRD755TOG100 M5x75mm Spring Toggles (100) M5 x 75mm Box of 100
QRD5100TOG100 M5x100mm Spring Toggle (100) M5 x 100mm Box of 100
QRD675TOG100 M6x75mm Spring Toggle (100) M6 x 75mm Box of 100