Brass Panel Pins & Coppered Hardboard Pins Pre-Packed Bags

Brass Panel Pins can be used for fixing small section mouldings, ideal for lightweight decorative applications.


Coppered Hardboard Pins as their name suggests are used to secure hardboard. The small head can be punched below the surface to present a better finish.


Code Name Size Weight Packaging
A20BRASS50G 20mm Brass Panel Pins 50g 20mm 50g Bags
A20BRASS100G 20mm Brass Panel Pins 100g 20mm 100g Bags
A20BRASS025 20mm Brass Panel Pins 250g 20mm 250g Bags
A20BRASS050 20mm Brass Panel Pins 500g 20mm 500g Bags
A20BRASS1 20mm Brass Panel Pins 1kg 20mm 1kg Bags
A25BRASS50G 25mm Brass Panel Pins 50g 25mm 50g Bags
A25BRASS100G 25mm Brass Panel Pins 100g 25mm 100g Bags
A25BRASS025 25mm Brass Panel Pins 250g 25mm 250g Bags
A25BRASS050 25mm Brass Panel Pins 500g 25mm 500g Bags
A25BRASS1 25mm Brass Panel Pins 1kg 25mm 1kg Bags
A20CHP50G 20x1.40mm Copp'd Hardboard Pins 50g 20 x 1.40mm 50g Bags
A20CHP025 20x1.40mm Copp'd Hardboard Pins 250g 20 x 1.40mm 250g Bags
A20CHP050 20x1.40mm Copp'd Hardboard Pins 500g 20 x 1.40mm 500g Bags
A20CHP1 20x1.40mm Copp'd Hardboard Pins 1kg 20 x 1.40mm 1kg Bags
A20CHP21 20x1.40mm Copp'd Hardboard Pins 2.5kg 20 x 1.40mm 2.5kg Bags