Shims & Packers

Plastic horseshoe shims & packers come in a range of thicknesses which can be combined to align uneven surfaces, typically door frames, windows, dry-lining and stud wall levelling.

Code Name Size Packaging
YBYELLOWPS100 1mm Yellow Packing Shims (100) 1mm Per 100
YBGREENPS100 2mm Green Packing Shims (100) 2mm Per 100
YBBLUEPS100 3mm Blue Packing Shims (100) 3mm Per 100
YBREDPS100 4mm Red Packing Shims (100) 4mm Per 100
YBBROWNPS100 5mm Brown Packing Shims (100) 5mm Per 100
YBBLACKPS100 6mm Black Packing Shims (100) 6mm Per 100
YBYELLOWFP100 1mm Yellow Frame Packers (100) 1mm Per 100
YBGREENFP100 2mm Green Frame Packers (100) 2mm Per 100
YBBLUEFP100 3mm Blue Frame Packers (100) 3mm Per 100
YBREDFP100 4mm Red Frame Packers (100) 4mm Per 100
YBBROWNFP100 5mm Brown Frame Packers (100) 5mm Per 100
YBBLACKFP100 6mm Black Frame Packers (100) 6mm Per 100
YBGREYFP100 10mm Grey Frame Packers (100) 10mm Per 100
YBMIXED100B Mixed Shims/Packers (100) Mixed Per 100
YBMIXED200B Mixed Shims/Packers (200) Mixed Per 200