BZP Studding & Connectors

Studding (threaded bar) a versatile alternative to bolts as it can cut to length and used with hex nuts & washers at each end in a variety of applications.

BZP Hex Connection Nuts are available for joining lengths of studding.

Code Name Size Packaging
W6STUD M6x1 Metre BZP Studding M6 Bundle of 10
W8STUD M8x1 Metre BZP Studding M8 Bundle of 10
W10STUD M10x1 Metre BZP Studding M10 Bundle of 10
W12STUD M12x1 Metre BZP Studding M12 Bundle of 10
W16STUD M16x1 Metre BZP Studding M16 Bundle of 10
W20STUD M20x1 Metre BZP Studding M20 Bundle of 10
W6SC100 M6 Studding Connectors (100) M6 Box of 100
W8SC100 M8 Studding Connectors (75) M8 Box of 100
W10SC100 M10 Studding Connectors (100) M10 Box of 100
W12SC100 M12 Studding Connectors (100) M12 Box of 100
W16SC100 M16 Studding Connectors (100) M16 Box of 100
W20SC100 M20 Studding Connectors (100) M20 Box of 100