Performance Decking Screws

Performance Decking Screws The High Performance Decking Screw featuring:

Pozi Square Head – For versatile application with multiple driver bits.

Self-Countersinking Ribs – For improved countersinking and a flush finish.

Locking Thread – Allows the screw to lock the decking board giving no board movement.

ACQ Corrosion Resistant Coating – A minimum of 1000 hours on a salt spray test.

Serrated Thread – Cuts into wood reducing splitting and torque.

Type 17 Cut Point – Reduces splitting and the requirement for pre-drilling.

Code Name Size Per Case Qty Per Tub
PD50TUB500 4.5x50mm Performance Decking Screw Tub (500) 50 x 4.5mm 6 500
PD60TUB500 4.5x60mm Performance Decking Screw Tub (500) 60 x 4.5mm 6 500
PD70TUB300 4.5x70mm Performance Decking Screw Tub (300) 70 x 4.5mm 6 300
PD80TUB300 4.5x80mm Performance Decking Screw Tub (300) 80 x 4.5mm 6 300