Decking Screws - Stainless Steel

Decking Screws – Stainless Steel Single threaded decking screws designed with a torx drive countersunk head specially designed to prevent splitting of decking boards whilst allowing them to expand and contract with the seasons. A2 stainless steel give this screw optimum protection against corrosion.

Code Name Size Per Box
QS50SSDECK1000 5x50mm St Steel DECKING Screws 50mm x 5.0mm 100
QS60SSDECK1000 5x60mm St Steel DECKING Screws 60mm x 5.0mm 100
QS70SSDECK1000 5x70mm St Steel DECKING Screws 70mm x 5.0mm 100
QS80SSDECK1000 5x80mm St Steel DECKING Screws 80mm x 5.0mm 100