Decking Screws - Boxed

Decking Screws – Green Single threaded decking screws designed with a pozi drive countersunk head specially designed to prevent splitting of decking boards whilst allowing them to expand and contract with the seasons. Finished in a special green coating which has been tested for corrosion resistance against ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary) treated timber.

Code Name Size Per Case Box Qty
QD50DECKBUD 50x4.5mm Decking Screw BOXES (200) 50 x 4.5mm 4000 200
QD60DECKBUD 60x4.5mm Decking Screw BOXES (200) 60 x 4.5mm 4000 200
QD75DECKBUD 75x4.5mm Decking Screw BOXES (200) 75 x 4.5mm 2400 200
QD100DEC1000 100x4.5mm Decking Screws BOXES (100) 100 x 4.5mm 1400 100