Leadmate Sealant, Gutter Sealant & Patination Oil

Lead Mate Sealant - Grey is specially formulated as an alternative to mortaring lead flashing and sheet into brick, stone and concrete, providing a fully waterproof joint that will not crack or shrink.

Patination Oil Lead Mate Patination Oil has been specially formulated to provide a protective coating for newly installed leadwork that helps to prevent the white carbonate staining that affects new lead and surrounding tiles, brickwork, stonework etc. Just one coat of Patination Oil also helps to provide a uniform, attractive appearance to newly installed lead and helps the ageing process whilst the natural patina of the lead is being formed. It is particularly important to treat areas of newly installed lead that are subject to water flowing over the surface onto surrounding areas as staining of tile and brick will be more severe in such circumstances. The no spill pack means no more spills or drips to clean up, and easier application.  

Roof & Gutter Sealant Roof & Gutter Sealant is a premium quality butyl based sealant and adhesive that provides instant, permanent weather-proofing to a wide variety of roofing applications. Adheres to most common roofing materials such as bitumen, asphalt, felt, metals and wood.

Code Name Size Packaging
ZROOF Roof & Gutter Sealant C3 C3 Box of 12
ZPATOIL500 Patination Oil (500 ml) 500ml Each
ZLEAD Lead Mate Sealant Grey C3 Box of 25
ZPATOIL Patination Oil (1 Litre) 1 Litre Each