Ridge Fixings

The ridge fixings are secured into the ridge and hip unions by driving the countersunk screw, along with the washers and clamp, through the hole in the top of the ridge and hip union and into the batten below. The screws are then tightened down so that the clamp presses down on the ridge/hip tile securing it in place, making it weatherproof and maintenance free.

Code Name Size Packaging
I100RIDGENAIL 100mm Stainless Ridge NAILS & Washers (7) 100mm Packs of 7
I100RIDGESCREW 100mm Stainless Ridge SCREWS & Washers 100mm Each
IRIDGEPP10 Ridge SCREWS (Pack of 10) 100mm Packs of 10
IRFS1 Ridge Fixing Set (1xRidge Screw/1xClamp) 100mm Packs of 10
IRFS10 Ridge Fixing Set (10x Screw/10x Angled Clamp) 100mm Packs of 10
IRFS100 Ridge Fixing Set (100xScrew/100xAngled Clamp) 100mm Packs of 100
IMRC Metal Ridge Clamp Each
IMRC10 Metal Ridge Clamp (Pack of 10) Packs of 10